VNEP (Veterans National Education Program)

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VNEP’s Global Awareness Initiative Map is a robust interactive tool that helps students gain an understanding of a selected country, its people, their culture and their history and to learn the reasons the U.S. went to war and many of the accomplishments of the “New Greatest Generation”

Bob McMahon is on the board as Chairman of The Veteran’s National Education Program. He co-founded V-NEP in 2009 to teach our Country's history “through the eyes of those who serve.”

Kimberly Bui, Academic Excellence Award

The Veterans National Education Program’s mission is to teach U.S. modern history through the understanding of the humanistic and cultural aspects of America’s military conflicts and how they have influenced the fabric of our global society. In carrying out this mission our goals are to:

  • Teach military history (WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan) through the stories of those who have served
  • Help students become engaged, thoughtful citizens by expanding their knowledge base, developing vital critical thinking and decision-making skills, and enhancing their understanding of the United States’ most cherished values: honor, liberty and freedom
  • Streamline early U.S. history materials to allow teachers ample time to teach U.S. modern history
  • Ensure educational materials fulfill state/national standard requirements
  • Partner with entities that will help us fulfill our mission
  • Promote national pride and bolster a positive national image of America’s veterans

September 2013 — Presented materials to the Delaware County Intermediate Unit the
Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies and the PA Department of Education and the PAIUNET (high speed internet system) curriculum materials on Iraq and Afghanistan.


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